In Future Ready: Innovative Missions and Models in Christian Education, Lynn E. Swaner, Jon Eckert, Erik Ellefsen, and I study eleven Christian schools and networks to identify strategies for sustaining the mission of Christian education.

Future Ready should be required reading for Christian school leaders and their boards.

—Philip Ryken, President, Wheaton College

Praise for Future Ready

“Through thorough research and detailed accounts of eleven Christian schools and networks, Swaner, Eckert, Ellefsen, and Lee offer wisdom for navigating recurrent challenges that school leaders face. Speaking as a school board member, these accounts inspire my own redemptive imagination and reassure me of God’s faithfulness amidst my own fears and inadequacy as I seek the good of my school community and our neighbors.”
—Albert Cheng, Professor, University of Arkansas; Governing Board Member, Anthem Classical Academy

“The scholars who crafted this book bring substantial research credibility and practical wisdom to their study of the future of Christian schools. They challenge leaders to broaden their outreach to historically underserved young people, build cultures of opportunity and innovation, and sustain the mission of Christian schooling while exploring new models. Future Ready should be required reading for Christian school leaders and their boards.”
—Ashley Rogers Berner, Director, Johns Hopkins Institute for Education Policy

“Every school has no choice but to become future-ready or die. Future Ready provides the first roadmap for Christian educators to cross the chasm from the limitations of the past to a hopeful future.”
—Rex Miller, Author, Entrepreneur, and Speaker

“At a time of unprecedented challenge for Christian education, four star researchers have teamed up to study eleven of America’s best K-12 schools. From their findings, colleagues across the country can learn innovative models and missional strategies they can adapt to their own unique academic programs in order to make them more transformational for their students and more sustainable for the future.”
—Philip Ryken, President, Wheaton College

“Christian schools are developing novel, creative business strategies that can serve as a guiding beacon to all. ‘Future Ready’ gathers top minds in Christian school research to unpack these innovations, drawing out themes and ideas that can assist all leaders in designing new models for their own schools’ future viability.”
—Jay Ferugson, ACSI Board Chair; Head of School, Grace Community School

“The most common questions I hear from Christian school leaders are around financial challenges, like how to make up for lost revenue from the drop in international student enrolment since 2020. But I also get questions about changing school models, hybrid schools, and finding ways to come alongside homeschool families. In Future Ready, you’ll read about what 11 exemplary Christian schools have done – and are doing right now– to overcome challenges similar to yours. Every Christian school leader will benefit from Future Ready’s fresh, creative insights.”
David Hunt, Cardus Education Program Director

“Merging survey research with interviews, focus groups, visits with educators, and clear insights, the chapters in Future Ready cover vital issues around mission and practice. Christian school leaders looking to found, lead, or strengthen Christian schools – whether in conventional models, or in hybrid, micro, or online settings – will find this research invaluable.”
—Eric Wearne, Director, National Hybrid Schools Project; Professor, Kennesaw State University

Read an excerpt from Future Ready from ACSI and from Cardus.

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