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GRE Research

While I hold that tests of academic skill are not the ultimate end of education, tests can be interesting inputs that communicate important student characteristics.
Find our peer reviewed research on academic tilt here. PDF
Read more about my GRE research.


Supportive leadership has tremendous benefits for both teacher well-being and school sustainability.
Read more research on leadership here.

The Sabbath Study

In The Sabbath Study, we set out to understand what Christian schools do to encourage Sabbath-keeping and how Sabbath-keeping practices are related to the wellness of the school community.
Find our peer reviewed research here. PDF
Read more about The Sabbath Study.
Read our first report here.

ACSI Tuition & Salary Study

ACSI’s Tuition & Salary Survey collects data on tuition, enrollment, salaries, and other key data from Christian schools.
Read more about the Tuition & Salary Survey here.
Read our reports here.

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