As instructor of record

Spr 2022, Education Finance (Johns Hopkins University, School of Education, ED.820.608.91.SP22). Overall rating: 3.8/4.0.

Selected comments:

  • “The instructor, Dr. Lee was a great lecturer and he took the time to really engage in discussions and provide detailed feedback on each assignment.”
  • “The only professor I have had at JHU who actively engages on the discussion board—which is WONDERFUL and pushes student thinking.”
  • “I really feel that Professor Lee was the strength of this course. His commentary and feedback was invaluable.”
  • “Matt was a phenomenal professor! He elaborated on material in a way that made financial policy much more understandable, always provided thorough and helpful feedback, and encouraged us to be thoughtful in terms of our assignments. The Zoom call meetings I had with him always helped me to feel confident as I continued working through my assignments.”
  • “Dr. Lee is wonderful. One of the best instructors of all my college education. He provided great feedback, support, and lectures. He actively checked in multiple times during the semester and made communication easy.”
  • “Probably the best class that I’ve taken as part of this program, and with the most new content to learn. This class needs to always be a required part of this degree.”
  • “Professor Lee trusted me to get caught up and never chastised me, he seemed to genuinely understand that adults have ‘things come up’ and he had faith that I was a responsible student who would get caught up.”

As teaching assistant

Fall 2020, Math Boot Camp (University of Arkansas, Department of Education Reform). Teaching Assistant for Dr. Jonathan Mills.

Fall 2018, Program Evaluation and Design (University of Arkansas, Department of Education Reform, EDRE 6213). Teaching Assistant for Dr. Patrick Wolf.

Other teaching experience

2013-17, I.B. Higher Level 20th Century Modern World History I & II (Sturgis Charter Public School, West; Hyannis, MA).

2011-17, U.S. History I & II (Sturgis Charter Public School, West; Hyannis, MA).

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